TFHC-K Tian Fu Hong Cheng Seals Co., Ltd.

Established in 2009 as an integrated supplier of professional oil seals incoulding industry oil seals and hydraulic/pneumatic cyclinder seals even vacuum systems, TFHC-K TIAN FU HONG CHENG produces SOG & HT industry oil seals and O&X rings, made from PU, TPR, PTFE, FFKM and other specific materials. 

Our Advantages

※     We use advanced production technology, a strict quality control system and
         fast after-sales service to meet the needs of various customer groups in Taiwan and abroad.

※     We have also imported European high-efficiency mold-free manufacturing technology
         for oil seal producing.

※     In the case of non-standard products and urgent cases , we can produce according
         to customer samples or drawings. The processing diameter can reach between 1500mm and
※     We provide every customer with first-class sealing technology as the main supplier
         that customers can rely on.


Service Orientation: Quality first. Fast service. Innovated product.
Company Concept: Technology innovation. Sustainable operation.

  • quality products

    High-quality products from excellent working environment

    Our production staff and factories are in compliance with international output certification requirements.                                                                                       

    ISO-14000 environmental management system standard.

    OHSAS-18000 occupational safety and health management system.

    Our company can produce and provide a wide range of different type/size/material of oil seals. If not listed in the catalogue on the website, please contact us directly and we will serve you as soon as possible.

Product description

  • O/X ring

    O/X ring

  • Oil seal

    Rotary shaft oil seal

  • Teflon oil seal

    Teflon oil seal

  • Hydraulic oil seal

    Hydraulic oil seal

  • Gasket seal

    Gasket seal

  • Composite material seal

    Composite material seal