TFHC-K Tianfu Hongcheng Sealing Co., Ltd.

Established in 2009 as a professional seal integration supplier for MIT rotary seal, non-lubricated sealing oil pressure system, air pressure system. TFHC-K Tianfu Hongcheng produced SOG&HT skeleton oil seal O/X ring PU /TPR/ PTFE / FFKM and rubber customized products are suitable for sealing applications in the automotive/locomotive, electric vehicle, agricultural machinery, household appliances, rail transit, maritime space equipment, petroleum/chemical steelmaking/heavy industry/engineering machinery AI/electronic equipment, green energy power generation industry

Strict technical quality control system and fast after-sales service

We use advanced production technology, strict quality control system and fast after-sales service to meet the needs of production, sales, and maintenance customer groups in various industries at home and abroad. We have also introduced European high-end mold-free manufacturing technology for sealing products. In the case of non-standard products, urgent parts or products, we can process according to customer samples or drawings. The maximum processing diameter can reach 1500mm and the maximum processing size can reach 4000mm. Each customer partner provides first-class sealing technology as the main supplier that the industry can rely on

Quality first. Fast service. Only new products are our service direction

Implement service. Technological innovation. Sustainable operation is our business philosophy

  • quality products

    High-quality products are produced in a high-quality working environment

    Our product staff factories meet the international output certification requirements
    . The product quality meets the IATF-16949 quality certification requirements. The product quality
    meets the ISO-14000 environmental management system standard. The operating environment
    meets the OHSAS-18000 occupational safety and health management system.

    Our company can produce and provide The products and specifications of the company are not limited to the model and size in the company catalog. If there is a model or size that is not listed in the catalog, please contact our company’s sales staff directly and we will serve you as soon as possible

product description

  • O/X ring

    O/X ring

  • Oil seal

    Oil seal

  • Teflon oil seal

    Teflon oil seal

  • Hydraulic oil seal

    Hydraulic oil seal

  • Gasket seal

    Gasket seal

  • Composite material seal

    Composite material seal